Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Eclick is a creative digital agency having a team of innovative designers, strategy-inspired developers & creative technologists. Our core skills focus on web design and development, digital marketing, mobile and web application development, and visual branding. Value-driven services backed by technology is what we provide to our international clients big and small.
We work across several industries – fashion, health and care, information technology, home improvement, automotive, travel and many more.

Who We Are

Eclick Softwares and Solutions, is a professionally managed creative agency specializing in website design and development, logo and developing corporate identity, digital marketing, bespoke web application and mobile application development.

Information Gathered


Eclick Softwares & Solutions receives the undermentioned details from each of its clients so as to provide more superior and better quality solutions. The data may be obtained either through cookies itself or automatically.
Personal Details - The details pertaining to your personal information that we collect would rely upon your requirements as well as the support you receive from us. Of course, providing basic details such name, physical address of your business, contact info, types & dates of services received and payment info is mandatory for you. Please note that any information regarding transaction shall only be used if a bill is raised by us against the products/services you purchase from our organisation. Whether you make the payment via net banking, Credit Card or Debit Card, all information that has to be mentioned compulsorily, will be sent to the payment gateway.

Client Surveys

Every once in a while, we conduct elaborate surveys, the participation for which is kept absolutely voluntary. But we do request our valued patrons to partake in those surveys, so that we can used the collected statistics for augmenting the quality of our services.

Cookies & Tracking

Each web browser consists of a certain built-in feature that allows to save all files as what we popularly know as “cookies”. It is these cookies that aid a website in recognising your account. Eclick Softwares & Solutions also follows the same approach for storing login details and preferences, in addition to offering customised functions. We may use cookies for obtaining and tracking information to analyse and gather statistics.

Social Media

Our official website has social media integrated with so that we can collect your IP address and follow your activities. A specific third party might host the social media widgets.

Information Use


Personal Details

Every piece of personal information gathered by Eclick Softwares & Solutions shall be utilised for purposes like services, billing and support. We can even use the email ID provided by you to forward discount coupons and monthly newsletters.

Log Files

Eclick Softwares & Solutions uses client IP addresses for administration of our site & server, and analysis of records. But it is important for you know that in no way is your IP address associated with your personal info. Basic personal details, however, may be contained in the log files.

Client Surveys

Eclick Softwares & Solutions will follow up using the shared information disclosed by you in conducted surveys, and also resolve issues & queries with the same.

Disclosing Info


Sponsors, Partners & Service Providers

A significant number of the services provided by us are associated with sponsors or Third Party. Eclick Softwares & Solutions might disclose your details to these sponsors for the sole aim of offering you standard quality solutions. However, information would be shared as long as the third parties agree to keep your details secured with strict adherence to our policies.

Online Adverts

Under no circumstances would we reveal any of your personal identifiable information to advertisers. But Eclick Softwares & Solutions might share various online ads and aggregate info pertaining to you, obtained from you at the time of registration.

Domain Registrations

According to certain specific regulations of the Internet Corporation with regards to Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Eclick Softwares & Solutions is bound to share client info with the “whois” search, the database of which is available publicly and enlists details for specific domain names. As such, any information obtained from you during the purchase of our services will be shared Eclick Softwares & Solutions as well as its Third Party sponsors with the research database of “WHOIS”.

Law Enforcement and Special Cases

Eclick Softwares & Solutions adheres to the policies of the law and Government, and is therefore incumbent to reveal any detail about any user against demands made by the Government.

Your Options


Updating Personal Details

In case you alter your information or wish to discontinue the use of our services, we provide you with suitable and secured ways to either change or delete your personal information.

Getting In Touch With Us

Eclick Softwares & Solutions requests its clientele to bring to notice any issue with relation to processing of their personal data through emails or phone calls.