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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Look around you! The magazine cover, the cute expression on your coffee mug, typeface in a TV, the calendar hanging on your wall—all are examples of a graphic design. Graphic design is a big part of your everyday life. Imagining a life without it is strange indeed.

No matter what kind of business you have, graphic design is a necessity for all businesses. It is a form of visual communication that helps in promoting a business. Anything which cannot be communicated verbally is put into a form of design and that’s what graphic designing is. Graphics are used to convey messages through symbols. How clearly and effectively it is used is all that counts for promoting a company.

Unfortunately in India, many businesses neglect the aspect of graphic designing and allow untrained staffs to handle the important aspects of their design. This is a big concern, especially in the areas where graphics are presented to the business partners, suppliers or clients. There is a large possibility of sending out a wrong message. This may not only hurt your client relations but even your company reputation.

First impressions matter a lot socially when it comes to your business. For many businesses, this may even mean the difference between having your customer move on to your competitors or getting a sale. If your target audience is not attracted to your business, it is probably you are not sending the right kind of message. Grab the attention of your prospective clients with attractive graphics for your marketing materials and branding.

What Our Graphic Designers Can Do?

  • Design corporate identity kit—letterheads, business cards and envelope
  • Design posters, catalogues, corporate brochures and banners
  • Design hoardings, kiosks, flex and billboards
  • Design postcards, leaflets and folders
  • Design book cover, eBook, magazine and booklet

How Our Graphic Designers Work?

We first discuss with our clients about their goals, values, services and target audience. Once we get to know about these, we look for different ways to communicate the message visually. Our graphic designers at eClick Softwares build exceptional graphics as per the client’s needs, thereby helping them communicate their purpose and build their identity. We just don’t create colorful graphic and pictorial images, we do a lot more than this. We aim to offer our potential clients the best deliverables at the quickest turnaround time.

Why Choose Us As Your Graphic Design Company in Kolkata?

  • We are flexible
  • Great concepts that work for businesses
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Dedicated account and project manager
  • Creative and advanced tools
  • Local and approachable

To know more about eClick’s graphic design services, get in touch with us!

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